I use Debian rather than Mandrake, so I can’t help you with how that’s done. The interface has to be brought down and up again before a change takes effect. I just purchased two 3cT NICs and installed them. Systems with less memory can set it to a non-zero value to save memory. This is only available for SKx series adapters with baseT ports. Find More Posts by mrqx.

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Following the instructions I was able to un-tar the files, but now i have a folder with a buncha s????. For Mandrake, I imagine you can download the kernel source as an rpm file, but you shouldn’t really have to compile a kernel to make this work.

The module wont get inserted at more than Mbps when it shouldve been at 1Gbps I forgot to say but I’m on Mandrake 9. The NiC driver doesn’t know what data passes through it.

Anon51aa4 Anon Jun 8: I know quad port gig E cards require 4 channel PCIe. Wow, that was a very nice, informative post! I then realized the acenic driver is for the 3Com 3C chip, while my box says 3CT.


FreeBSD Manual Pages

Shutting down loopback interface: Find More Posts by liontooth. Following the directions, I then run make load that does insmod 3c I have an Abit IS7-G and supposidly have the same onboard chip. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy That’s probably a better approach than taking a wild stab in the dark.

Find More Posts by NeGe0. So you shouldn’t have been surprised that no one knew about lonux. Doesn’t that preclude the ability to copyright the drivers?

3COM LOM 3C (3c) on P4P

Having a problem logging in? Dustyn to Anon51aa4 Premium Member Jun 4: Find More Posts by infinite0s.

No one offered any advice on a card that no one knew anything about with a very odd problem. However, it’s got to be trivial to make it work — Trivia- the reason I am still posting as an anon, is because the registration process never completes for me.


The SysKonnect adapters consist of two main components: It doesn’t list the 3Com 3c card, and likely won’t work without some modifications, however minor.

Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: Which driver for the 3C / 3C?

If you want the most recent driver, check out SysKonnect’s driver at http: Carleton University, Ontario, Canada Distribution: Bringing up interface eth0: The default value is microseconds. I’ve been reading about command line manuals and stuff but haven’t gotten real far yet. The time now is Under the card’s settings as reported by dosdiag, it says “Fprom: I first thought they used the acenic driver and recompiled 3c2000 2. I even looked through the drivers I had to find the right one and I don’t even see that brand in the drivers.

Both full-duplex and half-duplex modes are supported.