To resolve it, I went to the Marvell Yukon website and downloaded the driver for my part number and last supported operating system. Si Johns Replied on December 3, NB – Also note Windows Firewall blocked my Magic packet sniffer from checking this was being received so I completely disabled this for testing still blocked even if I had setup an incoming connection for this – but once setup and re-enabled this does NOT interfere with turning my PC on via WOL. The Gbit part irritated me years ago actually.. Surely others must be suffering something similar?

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Pick the Marvell driver.

Marvell Yukon 88e8056 ethernet WOL not working since upgrading to Windows 10

If you use your network for transferring large files, backing up, and other bandwidth-intensive activities, you will notice a difference at the lower speeds. Did this solve your problem?

Well still no word on a fix for this and really disappointed not to have heard anything from Marvell so called customer service.

So right off the bat, your home network is already equipped with the latest and greatest that networking speeds have to offer.

I am trying to locate a firmware fix, but this is absolutely unacceptable. I just discovered ethefnet M does not have gigabit speeds during a large data transfer.


Marvell Yukon’s website claims the 88E8040 Fast LAN Controller does Gigabit….???

I mean are we back in ? I have tried everything I could think of, including contacting Shuttle, who could not help and Marvell, who have failed to respond to any messages.

Can anybody verify that they have the same 88E chip? With Eethernet 7, even when shut down, the LAN card stays active waiting for the magic packet. This is a great dissapiontment for me. I have tried all the recommendations in that article and even tried completely removing the Windows driver and installing the official Marvell latest driver but still this is not working.

Marvell Yukon 88e ethernet WOL not working since upgrading to – Microsoft Community

I got my m from factory in Polland, bought it in Italy EU. MikeZ Replied on October 29, I’m thinking of ethdrnet my M and never to by Dell again. Kalpana Shankarappa Replied on December 3, I tried downgrading to the previously working driver but this has not resolved the issue. I bought mine in France Maybe there is still hope with some firmware update This thread 88e80x locked. CyberSchmoo Replied on December 28, I have tried emailing Marvell but they have never bothered replying.

We will be happy to assist you. No, create an account now. SilentExceptionJun 26, Now WOL only operates if the PC is in sleep mode but in full shut down mode the Ethernet is powered down and not accepting any messages.


Gigabit Ethernet vs. Fast Ethernet: What’s the Difference?

So there I was shopping for a new Ethernet switch, assuming that all of them were using the latest and greatest technology.

Si Johns Replied on December 11, A previous article of ours sums it up well:.

Most modems and routers these days come with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. If I put the server in sleep mode then WOL will work. Thank you for you quick reply.

I got myself into this exact situation when shopping etheenet for Ethernet switches. In this situation, upgrading the switch would boost your network performance considerably. Ethernet was first introduced to the public inand it had a max throughput of 10 megabits per second.

I am running Windows Serverbut had to go with a Windows 7 x64 driver to get the setting.