Installing the Broadcaster When you install the controller driver, you automatically install the the broadcaster in sys: If all is specified, then all logical drives on the controller are deleted. The Connection Information window appears, as shown in Figure Address The logical address of the device. You must have physical connections between the servers and client workstations. If you have created multiple arrays, they are built one at a time in the order created. Page 75 Storage Manager Figure

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The complete logical device address is composed of the following fields: Page 97 This is because each sector written from the host results in a write to each mirrored disk.

Page of Go. Array groups appear in the list when you select RAID 0 and eligible array groups exist. Although arrays must be built from drives that are all attached to the same controller, arrays can contain drives from multiple channels.

Page 63 When you are finished creating arrays, exit Storage Manager. Page 27 This setting is enabled by default. Address This is the logical device address used by the host operating system to access the logical drive.

Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra160 SCSI – PCI

Therefore, in a system with multiple Adaptec RAID controllers, you must ensure that the controller that you want to use as the booting controller occupies the lowest BIOS address, which usually corresponds with the lowest-numbered. Drive Failures Drive Failures Drive failures are indicated by flags, which differ depending on whether they refer to an array or a drive in an rqid.


You can select Rebuild even if the failed drive has not been replaced and try using the drive again.

Page Delete logical drives This command deletes the specified drives and returns their capacity to unassigned space. Hot Spare Control All specified drives become individual, unassigned physical drives after this command is used. Additionally, events are sent to the Windows Event Viewer or e-mailed as specified in the Event Broadcasting window.

An Adaptec RAIDstation enclosure automatically detects the replacement of a failed drive and initiates a rebuild operation as soon as the new drive is online.

These event log entries are converted to SNMP traps and are identical to those used by the Adaptec broadcaster. Address The logical address of the device.


Dead Device failed to respond to adapyec commands. If the device becomes available, it only changes status after the system configuration is read or the host is restarted.

You can select or modify the following parameters: Ensure your pager is working and activated by a service provider. Bus Configuration Tab This tab adapec you to modify the hardware parameters for the highlighted controller bus; it appears when you highlight a device in the Tree View, as shown inFigures Figure Each component must be upgraded as a separate operation, however, they should all be upgraded at the same time.


For the attributes of each group, refer to the admpdmi. The Status section displays the current status of the array.

This area displays information related to the asaptec selected rzid in the tree. This window displays a list of the events submitted to the application log by the broadcaster, as well as other applications. The status condition is one of the following for attached devices: Making the data consistent again through the Verify function does not ensure that the new consistent data is the correct data. Storage Manager Using the Phonebook You can save the server name, address, user name, and protocol of systems you frequently access in the Phonebook, shown in Figure The SNMP service for your operating system must be installed.

You cannot combine arrays that 1200s different RAID levels. The specific information displayed in the Information View varies depending on the item selected. A valid user name and password are required to access a Linux system from a remote Storage Manager client. The Adaptec DMI component instrumentation conforms to the version 2.