I installed Panther using Archive option. Keeping posting if i get any success [ Reply to This ]. DiscCopy will now recognize the burner and attempt to use it. If that’s true, you may be able to get your device supported by bugging your device vendor to find out about the process from Apple and get it done. Fri Dec 05, 6: Tue Dec 02, 9: And that was it.

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I would like, however, to get what I paid for! In the Disc Name field, type a name for the disc.

Mon Dec 01, 6: I also had patched Did you mess with anything after I find waving a rubber chicken over the recalcitrant parts sometimes helps, too.

Tropicalisurf on Dec 29, ’03 The slimmer laptops today are considered sleeker, more usable, and very portable.

Add support for any third-party CD-R burner – Mac OS X Hints

Dec 22, Posts: Jan 15, Posts: I wonder if itunes would also work? You may only see full speed in Nero 6, but Nero 6 rather blows chunks from what I’ve heard.


When the disc burning is complete, it will eject automatically. I carefully checked out reviews and other writwr on this drive, and even the manufacturer admits that it does not perform properly at the 48x max speed which isn’t even enabled by default anyway.

External DVD Writers

I don’t think any of us need exploding CDs, thanks. After installing the profile file, ‘drutil info’ presents the following: I tried setting the DRDeviceSupportLevel key to a string type and setting the string as any of the 3 supported levels but that didn’t work.

Mar 22, Posts: About Users Administrators Developers.

I can now burn at 52x. Thanks dasmith59 [ Reply to This ]. DVDs are becoming obsolete.

Mostly, it’s the principle. Most PC users still use DVDs in installing video games, programs, and other applications that people need in their devices.

However my burner is shown in itunes in italics. Create a file with a similar name in the directory below: Copy ALL spaces, there are more than one! Oct 8, Posts: Mar 18, Posts: Personally I would put the correct firmware back on the drive and just burn at what the drive detects as a safe speed.


My BTC IDE5224 52x CD-RW only shows as a 32x max in Nero. I have flashed the latest firmware.

Yet I boot back in to 9 and bingo – we have burner. The drive, other than the lower-than-front-bezel burn speed, seems to work fine.

If someone wants to mirror it over here, it would as rob said “make a lot of people happy. Also LightScribe Disc will be needed for the label to be written. You can then burn that disc image onto a blank disc at a later date.