Information about the driver is displayed. Post as a guest Name. Joined May 10, Messages 0. Just think that if they ever did one with 1 gig cache how great that would have been you could have loaded os into cache and then that chip would have beaten any intel chip ah dreams and fuck skylake. EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded. I’ve never used any of those tools! Trekkie4 Oct 28,

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It might help someone know for sure which case your looking for the parts in.

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I tested, and Flash Fix wouldn’t recognise the firmware, nor would LiteFirm I think all the tools you need are listed on this thread on cdfreaks. I am going to go another direction.

Can’t you just use LtnRPC to remove the region settings? Sound card seems to be still broken even if it works, but I can hear strange sounds coming from headphonesbut I was suprised – Windows 7 has better performance than Windows XP on it! However an easier answer may be to download the crx30e official firmwareand use Flash Fix so that you can flash any firmware ros any firmware.


crx300r In both cases, the DOS prompt never appears, and the system does not accept commands. Because conventional memory was often important in DOS, I would be fairly try those drivers in just about any case, even if official manufacturer’s drivers weren’t causing stability issues.

Gyus, be careful playing with windows 7.

remove/reset firmware

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JunkBear Oct 23, Trekkie4 Oct 25, The information is right, and is related to the topic of the CD driver, but the instructions provided are exactly what the question-asker is attempting to do, and so this answer doesn’t really help at all. Thanks alot for the help!! Joined Mar 17, Messages 7, 1. JunkBear Oct 27, I have found the correct driver http: However, that does not help me considering that I am unable to do anything with the computer once the driver loads.

Information about the driver is displayed.

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Compgeke Oct 28, AndreiCT Nov 7, I think that InWin was the new name after a merger or something of that sort. The driver is installed in D: You could temporarily remove the sound card.


Or you could connect the cd drive to the sound cards IDE port. Echo Off And the second line this: Your system dates from the era when there were often issues with slaving two devices on a single IDE port that weren’t from the same manufacturer and didn’t explicitly support it. Joined May 10, Messages 0.

Download driver for SONY CD/DVD drive free

However, a problem has occurred. Post as a guest Name. This may really help you confirm that the config. Here’s the most complete list of Lite-On firmwares I’ve found so far http: It was a custom build system. Water didn’t work, the usual isopropyl alcohol didn’t work either.