Get the Vista driver and install it. Cheaper than the Dell and more powerful too. In the case that you are an employee of Microsoft, I would imagine asking the support or development team or filing a bug report would be far more effective than trying to get support from a community who isn’t even legally allowed to obtain the operating system. Works fine for me. I get anywhere between hours based on what I’m doing wifi, gaming, etc.

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It’s OK for me, this older machine has only 2GB of ram.

How can I install the ATI X graphics drivers in Windows 8?

The installation gets only half done Installs the Catalyst Install Manager or whatever and then goes away. I would be able to afford the Nvidia graphics card, but they rejected it and asked why i would need t pput extra money towards it lol. I cannot get the manager to run. I installed the drivers that de,l on Dell’s site file R – vista drivers in the bit version of Win8 and they installed fine there was a dialogue that popped about Catalyst with no issues. It will install complete but not look like it actually did anything.


About 5 years old. All good now, go to the manufacturers drivers download etc.!!! I chose to go with the x resolution on this The extra bucks was worth it. So the only way is to 64000 a generic driver or try to persuade the few years old drivers designed for Windows 7. General OS questions Locked. Too rich for my blood. AMD Please make the driver support!!

Tuesday, September 20, Read the Release notes linked above the table. How does your last post fits into the AMD X thread? Anyways thanks for the help!

Also the battery has a button on it that has five Led’s to tell you how much power is in it. I can’t get any driver del my graphics card to support.

This thing barely fits in my large leather shoulder bag just ordered a leather Dell one off Ebay for like 20 bucks including shipping that’s made for it.

Edited by Mick N Saturday, September 24, It runs Windows 7 Ultimate x64 fine with all the Aero affects and glass turned on.

The only reason that I want to is because I need the resolution higher.

Dell Inspiron E1505 6400 256mb ATI Radeon X1400 Video Card WF148 With Heatsink

Where is Ati X for this shiny Windows 8? Windows 8 is only legally obtainable through a Ait development or testing contract. It will beat the crap out of the Inspiron without even breaking a sweat.


Give it a thought. Compared to what Best Buy sells, this thing is out of their league for price versus performance. This card pushes those at the highest settings with none of the heat associated with aati huge energy-consuming monster.

Hope this can be remedied as it would be nice to see win8 running in non chugging display mode. I get anywhere between hours based on what I’m doing wifi, gaming, etc.

I don’t know how to handle this! I have no idea why it won’t install on the developer preview. I wouldn’t recommend it though, since it’s a HyperMemory one, so it steals system RAM to use as video memory.

I had posted so that somebody might help! The laptop is an asus m that’s 5 years old.