HIGH, requires memory manager to be loaded yet. Project site and download: SYS driver, developed by Iomega Company. These switches make a slow bit access even slower. Here a freeware version 3. Disc drives will be numerated according to order of corresponding parameters in command line.

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Up to three parameters, prohibiting search for disc drives, may be specified in one command line.

Resident code is the code adapted for being written into RAM random accessed memory and left there, waiting for its chance of being requested on certain occasion s. BAT file — directly or by LH command 3. COM driver can be loaded either directly or by LH command 3.

The Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

Added some USB 3. The entry-point address the ASPI manager returns is also a real-mode address.

Hyperkey and Hyperscreen never caught on as much. Will even capture soft fonts in text mode such as those used by DOS 6. System Speed Test 4. Doos operation “modes”, clipboard, speeds up mouse for other programs. Of course, it’s only a screensaver and your files are perfectly safe, though it does look convincing. Dfvice these functions are necessary in order to prevent conflicts between programs, addressing memory beyond conventional memory limit kb.


SYS will try to determine it, but that leaves a chance for error. BAT file with LH command 3.

Functions that only access the ASPI manager return immediately. May not run on all modern PCs. You may set up as many RAM-disks as free memory space allows: RKill RKill just kills malware processes, imports a Registry file that removes incorrect file associations and fixes policies that stop us from using certain tools. SYS is being loaded. BIN are loaded by default. Though capabilities of both mentioned Novac’s drivers seem substantially limited, they may be sufficient for performing main data transfer operations in computers with known hardware.

SYS file are read by an interpreter, integrated into the same IO. EXE driver returns errorlevel code 3. The archive contains three files: It also monitors for up to 4 different filenames which can be sent to 4 different printers.


EXE, can be downloaded from server ftp: SYS driver will examine each encountered device and will attempt to take under its control all mass storage devices, even those having no removable media inside at that moment. Unlike most other USB drivers, version 2. Best of all, ASPI rd a high-level function set that’s easy to use and can dramatically shorten your development time.


Video Memory Stress Test do. EXE is just that driver, charged with the mission of deceiving application programs by substitution of DOS version number. SYS driver, can be fevice from internet site http: Among other details, LIM EMS specification stipulates division of the address space “window” into several pages of 16 kb each, which independently direct addressing to different memory banks. WhitSoft File Splitter 4.

Useful Dos Files

Solutions of this problem are considered in detail in article 9. Also fragmentation and low free space can cause an additional slowdown.

Each time after this command RAMdisk is rearranged anew, and all its contents becomes lost.