How do I clean the cleaning roller? It is the same used for Quantum 2. Contact our support team. This is read by swiping the card through a reader. Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer? Software cardPresso- How can I upgrade my edition of cardPresso?

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Stay connected with Essentra Security: This can be placed onto a reader. Its compact and sleek design makes it the ideal equipment to integrate and use in multiple environments: You are free to rewrjter out at any time by emailing sales essentrasecurity. Product code for current selection: Please tell us if you would like to contact you by: How can I launch a cleaning cycle?

Buy Evolis Tattoo 2 Rewrite ID Card Printers

Thanks to the support team at Essentra for the patience and support with our application migration to Twttoo Pro. Tattoo Rewrite warranty conditions – English. For mechanic, adjustment and also warranty reasons, the print head of the other or previous ranges are not compatible with the other Evolis printers.

Yes, it is possible to find cards that come with a specific rewritable area. The Tattoo ReWrite Monochrome single-sided ID card printer allows you to erase and print the same card up to times.


Evolis Tattoo Rewrite | Evolis

You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer. Should I use specific cards for Evolls printing?

How many times can I use the same card?

The upgrade can be done in the card designer itself when you are connected to the Internet. To develop your own application s and monitor all Rrewriter printers, a development kit is available for download, which provides you with all the tools, escape commands, DLL and code samples that you require. Are there cards available in the market with a specific rewritable area? What is the print resolution of the printer?

The printer can encode to contact and contactless cards: TattooRewrite 1st generation – How to maintain the cleaning rollers? Evolis offers printing in blue or black.

Evolis Tattoo 2 Rewrite ID Card Printer Single-Sided

The erasing result is poor. Is there a programming guide available? I have one or multiple horizontal white lines on my printed cards.

Optional extended warranty and printer loaner plans ID Wholesaler’s extended warranty plans include toll-free technical support, live chat support, total parts and labor replacement, and fast turn-around on printer repairs.


Would recommend them every time.

How long is the warranty on a spare part? For encoding, compatibility with an Evolis printer is a matter of software design.

Where can I find drivers? The various cards offered by Evolis are different by their thickness and the printing color.

rewritrr Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: How can I upgrade a Firmware? The printer is capable of performing: Innovation Evolis’ great ability to innovate as a key success factor.

Contact Card A card with a physical metal chip on the surface of the card, which is inserted into a reader. ID card printer installation assistance How to load the ribbon and cards A review eovlis the printer’s user interface Special printer features and how to use them You may add training to your order within the Options tab.