Hi, you can find the official list of supported cutters at http: For the Graphtec FC Is it your software compatible? I believe it is only on one side – the y position sensor is actually underneath as shown in the link in the 6th post in this thread – it reads the little magnet or reflective part on the pinch rollers – to diagnose do as suggested above and turn off your sensors. No need to make another 3 hour round trip to pick it back up next week.

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Graphtec Ce Cutter

Sign in Already have an account? Where would I go about finding the software?? No need to make another 3 hour round trip to pick it back up next week. I am having the same issue. Maybe you would like to give DrawCut a try. I could install a Secabo machine, but I cannot add a Graphtec FC, which is in the list of supported devices. Hello, We do have a Mutoh kona Register a new account. Hi, both Graphtec and Summa are very well machines and both manufacturers have a good reputation.


Thank you geaphtec posting on our blog.

Posted December 14, Posted June 1, I am so confused. Once I pushed it straight it went back to working like a charm. All the best, the DrawCut team.

The vinyl had jammed up and bent the sensor forward so it wasn’t sliding over the pinch roller. I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software.

Which model is supported? Turns out it was a bent graphtfc roller sensor. Secabo, Roland Summa, Mimaki, Graphtec. Hi there does your software support a Refine EH cutter? Above the pinch roller is fraphtec metal tab that passes through that when the head goes side to side and triggers the sensor. We can absolutely understand, that you are annoyed by Artcut — so are we and many others. Hi, thanks for your inquiry.

I have to turn the Graphtec CE off and on to get it to stop flashing and displaying the Y-position alarm.


Graphtec Ce2800-60 Cutter

Hi, you can find the official list of supported cutters at http: Hi, as far as we know, the Mutoh kona is not compatible with DrawCut, I am sorry. We are happy to assist you whenever needed. Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. Y-Position alarm is when the carriage gets stuck – for instance vinyl gets jammed as the carriage is trying to move, happens to me when I graphtecc scrap that has been folded.

If my memory is right it’s the u shaped black plastic thing on the right in your picture.

Did you fix your machine? Skeeter hasent seemed to give up on me quite yet.

What do I have to do? Posted December 16, I thing there is a solution to most problems.