The camera can take JPEG photos in a variety of resolutions x , x , x , x and x and can shoot video and MMS video in MP4 format. You can add 3rd party applications to extend the PDA’s functionality and sync to Outlook on the desktop. However, if you don’t live in or near a metro area, or are in an area where Cingular’s 3G coverage will be a long time coming, the ‘s faster CPU and better camera might lean you toward it rather than the For more information on the Bluetooth connectivity procedure, take a look at this tutorial. Skip to main content.

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And thank you for mentioning the availability of the TeleNav service — although I have yet to use it, I can imagine how helpful ytc a feature would be to hardcore road warriors. Well worth the risk I’m not giving this 5 stars just because I haven’t tried out half of the features this amazing little phone offers.

The afore mentioned scroll wheel and OK button are on the left along with a button to launch voice dialing press and hold for voice recorder on the TyTN.

Select MEdia Net, then tap Edit. The phone does not power down when you open the battery door.

LEDs to indicate phone, charging and Bluetooth status live just under these buttons as omdem the earpiece. If you own the Cingular Pocket PC Phoneyou have access to a new and increasingly popular way of connecting to the Internet. From the today screen, tap Startthen Settings. It’s wonderful indoors but like many PDA phones, don’t expect to see much in bright sunlight.


x64 Drivers (USB Modem) – Download Here

While well-lit outdoor shots were sometimes a draw the Nokia having too little sharpening and the having a bit too muchthe really pulls ahead for indoor and hct light shots. The touch screen is very responsive but you do have to use a stylus.

Moreover their reviews were all over the map and they were loaded with features like tv that I didn’t want. Though some users have reported connection drops with car kits we didn’t have that problem, even during 6 hour road trips.

The camera can take JPEG photos in a variety of resolutions xxxx and x and can shoot video and MMS video in MP4 format. The time now is Was this article helpful? Socks 4 Tap ok five times.

Wireless Modem

Just as clearly, the device needs to function well as a phone and it does indeed. Please visit with a JavaScript-enabled browser to enjoy all features. When asked for the location of the driver, you can select the CD-ROM that shipped with the Search removable media If all goes well, you’ll get this message: How we’ve hhtc to say this about a smartphone camera– it’s quite good.

The device now serves as my virtual satellite, keeping me connected to the internet, networked to the office, mpdem prepared for serious business.

You can of course install the music player of your choice if Windows Media Player isn’t your favorite, and we have reviewed a selection here.

Configure the Cingular Modem. Is there anywhere else I should post this or upload it to? The TyTN and pretty much all Hermes except the have video call feature for use in 3G coverage areas but Cingular has removed both the hardware and software from the If you want to dial into another ISP, you can follow the same method shown hrc, but when the time comes to enter the connection name, username, password, etc.


The Cingular has a gunmetal gray finish with a metal bezel running along 3 of the 4 sides of the display. WordPress Themes In Depth version 1.

Cingular and HTC TyTN – Windows Mobile PDA Phone and Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Applications launch quickly and run well, including demanding games. The Cingular uses Microsoft’s basic Bluetooth stack which doesn’t have much of a user interface but gets the job done.

There is still many things I need to learn but so far has been relatively easy to navigate and use. The call send and end keys are on the farthest reaches of the d-pad cluster on the TyTN a better design, I find while they’re crammed under the softkey and Windows convenience keys on the One can use presets such as theme, panorama, caller ID photos, sports and burst mode for still photos and the phone offers a variety of tweaks for brightness, white balance and special effects.

The only negative I have seen so far is the battery life is not good.