However the default emulator does not support additional libraries used for creation of Java applications for Nokia-, Motorola-branded and some other handsets. Putting it simply, HTC has to know better that its offerings will never be equally popular. Size-wise, the HTC P is a no-frills communicator — it is neither the most pocketable device we have seen, nor the bulkiest handset around. The P may be a way to go if you are into short clips, TV shows, but rest assured, you are very likely to run into serious difficulties dropped frames, freeze-ups even with converted videos. The settings adjustable in the camcoder mode are no different from those for still images, useful extras here include: But in terms of materials and wow-effect, it is still far behind the P

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The HTC P comes equipped with three software keyboards — one is pretty much standard, two others have been brought about by HTC and key layouts. Hovering over a particular thumbnail will slightly enlarge it.

But in terms of materials and wow-effect, it is still far behind the P The stylus coming with the P is non-extendable, although hyc is not a big deal —tiny length is offset by its convenient thickness.

The center key is mounted within the wheel, and is made of plastic. The communicator also comes with Bluetooth 2.

Among all other things it packs in a smallish self-portrait mirror and a macromode switch sitting above the lens. The streamlined shape of the P feels good in the hand, with both ends and spines smoothly flowing into the back cover, just like in the more entry-level HTC P If you make or receive a call from someone who is not on your Contact list, after hanging up you will see p370 prompt p4370 you to save that unknown number in the phonebook.

After this all you need to do is tap Yes and the communicator will create a new entry with the Phone Number field already filled in, so that you will only need to type in name and other data. Thanks to packing in conventional soft-buttons, as well as the Start and OK keys, the P is a breeze to move about. For PC synchronization and data transfer purposes you thc use the miniUSB cable shipping with the handset, apart from its Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Neither of the communicators packs Wi-Fi, both run Windows Mobile 6 and are positioned as navigation-savvy solutions.


Size-wise, the HTC P is a no-frills communicator — it is neither the most pocketable device we have seen, nor the bulkiest handset around. Additionally, you can setup the shutter sound, enable or disable the pgaros mode, timer, and time stamp. So, basically, it would have been utterly unwise of HTC to split a sought-after device into two, especially given the level pharros sales currently observed in the Windows Mobile market, where no manufacturer can expect a whole array of devices to generate decent numbers.

Review of GSM-communicator HTC P3470 (Pharos)

Hence nobody guarantees these applications will launch and operate properly. All other options are available from the panel at the base of the screen that can be brought up by tapping it:. Sound jtc recorded with the sAMR codec at kbps sample rate — Hz, mono. The reception quality was never an issue with the P — our calls were pretty loud, although we could use some more volume for call-unfriendly environments.

HTC appreciated the following garnered by the P and in many ways have replicated its design in the P — even the layout of controls is pretty much identical.

HOW TO add/install leaguage on HTC PHAROS P WITH WINDOWS – Microsoft Community

Thanks to the dent in it, this button p340 easy to handle, though you have to feel it yourself — off the top of my head, only the Click Wheel in iPods delivers a similar tactile feel.

All constituents and features of the TouchFLO technology, including the three-facet UI, are enabled in the HTC P scrolling in lists, phonebook etcmaking it so much more appealing that the P; in fact, it is one of the key items in its change log. Objects shot from hyc less than 6 cm come out blurry, details get smeared up; the best possible distance for macro with the P is around cm.


What is more, texts are nearly illegible when snapped with the P — regardless of the mode you are in, these snaps are very hard to read. It is an open secret that the P used to be the etalon for many manufacturers, and nearly each and every player in the Windows Mobile market released a rival to it.

However you can always opt for shorter clips so as to send them in multimedia messages MSS mode. To call it up, tap the corresponding icon at the foot of the Phone application which pops up once you punch the Send button. Much like its elder brother, the application never seems to be in a hurry.

HTC P (HTC Pharos) specification –

The same holds lharos for the camera lens that has no cover and thus attracts dirt and mud. And much like other menus, all icons here are big enough to make navigating them with fingers a snap.

Positioned more towards the lower end of the right-hand flank is tight stylus silo.

All five paros are still arranged in a horizontal line and can be navigated with a stylus or finger. We found it was better to press it with the tip of the stylus.

While capturing video, you can utilize only 2x zoom. The vibro alert is moderate in terms of strength.