HydraForce believes that better performance comes from working together. No matter where you are in the world, you can find fast response for service and support from HydraForce manufacturing locations, sales offices, and distributors. In order to have the site fully functional please enable javascript in your browser. In that case a cylinder spool with work ports blocked in neutral may be better suited to the application. The work ports in this valve are open to tank in neutral, so if any forces on the chute are strong enough to turn the motor shaft it will not hold a position.

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When the valve is in neutral, will the outlet ports hold pressure? I am using a DA cylinder, will the cylinder hold a load when the coils are not energized?

November 17, – Our multi-function valves incorporate two or more functions into a single cartridge valve. Custom manifolds Custom hydraulic system manifolds also called Hydraulic Integrated Circuits or HICs consolidate and optimise machine control functions. The key to high quality final products is in maintaining precise control of those operations which produce the fits and clearances in critical valve subassemblies.

Steel and ductile iron housings are available in select sizes from for high-pressures up to bar. Multiple control functions can be combined into a single manifold with the use of multi-function cartridge valves.



Power Forward is more than a position statement for HydraForce. Calculate Shipping for Item HydraForce manufacture an extensive range of hydraulic cartridge valves, electro-hydraulic controls, and custom integrated circuit sollenoid.

HydraForce Solenoid Valve SV08-22-2B-N-115AG

THW stocks a wide range of MP Filtri filters to keep contamination under control and provide optimum protection. Some features will not work without Javascript.

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves feature built-in position sensing. Submit a question for this product Showing Questions of 3 Hgdraforce have a motor to turn a blower shoot around and back. Spool 1 Motor spool, 12 volt DC solenid, spring to center.

All the ports are rated for full pressure, but this is a motor spool and the cartridge is not designed to hold a load in neutral. HydraForce believes that better performance comes from working together. Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

To download your FREE copy please click here. The Changzhou location is the company’s fourth global manufacturing location and will supplement services solehoid to the Americas through its headquarters and machining operations in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and through European HydraForce brings together more than 1, people who are focused on pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Hydraforce Solenoid Valves

THW boasts an unparalleled range of robust and high quality valves including check valves, ball valves, and more. Yes, this is a double acting spool which will turn solenold motor in both directions as long as the correct coil is energized.


The HydraForce range is designed to be both compact and robust. The outlet port on the block is rated for full pressure, so they can be run together in series.

Solenoid Operated On/Off Valves

State-of-the-art preparation and assembly equipment enables us to meet critical tolerances for more efficient hydraulic circuits. Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. For more informations on some of the various cartridge valves available please click on the appropriate link: Click on boxes below for more information about this product.

Power Forward is at the core of how HydraForce operates.

THW stocks a range Fairfield gear boxes including Fairfield wheel hubs, spindle output and shaft output gearboxes. You can contact HydraForce Customer Service directly by telephone or via email for fast response to general or technical soleoid on application of cartridge valves and manifolds.

November 1, – HydraForce has released a series of hydraulic cartridge valves with a built-in sensing option capable of transmitting an “on” or “off” signal for position-sensing in hydraulic systems. More than fluid really does go into producing the best hydraulic cartridge and electronic control systems in the industry. Valve and Manifold Accessory Products.