Can take one of the following values: They are to be used only by licensed users of. Because exchanges occur through the parameters of the entry form, it is one of these parameters which is used as signature. Internal controls executed before the authorization request on the payment platform to prevent fraud. We accept payment by: The parameter form is as follows:

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Site Identifier Unique identifier attributed by the payment platform to each shop when enrolling Internaut Buyer on the shop of the e-merchant Log Preformatted reporting returned to the merchant in the form of a file.


If the parameter is not transmitted, then the default value will be used. String class variable for shape of the cross-section. What is ANZ egate? We take iridikm care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you.


Step by step guide Step 1: Query string Part of the URL containing the return parameters available for the merchant. The Seller reserves the right to refuse delivery of Goods after this period. Cv TK ,9,1. We ship to Paypal irudium address.

Language in which the payment page should be displayed ISO standard. Order Processing Guide Yahoo! Net Developer Support http: They are to be used only by licensed More information. LifetimeNumber of Modules: Cp TK ,9,1.

Access Statistics for

See Details on eBay Watch Contact. They also need to use the igidium retrieved test certificate to calculate the signature. The certificate generation is confirmed by an transmitted to the merchant. This will depend on a number of factors. Exchange Kinematics The exchange kinematics is as follows: Merchant Plug-In Specification Version 3.

Implementation Guide. – Interface with the Payment Platform – Version 2.1

For more information, refer to annex. Secure Card Data Specification Version 3. Account Management System Guide Version 2. Taf.


Customer s country code in accordance with the ISO standard. Deploy the application to JBoss server. The Buyer may have to bear any losses due to price erosion or obsolescence if Goods are returned after the seven days.

The fields should be sorted in alphabetical order. We therefore recommend that you take all the appropriate security measures for its operation and preservation. Virtual Payment Client Integration Reference.


Wah Centre Java Road More information. They are to be used only by licensed. Usually TR and Tp will be in.