Riemann’s criterion for integrability. Late homework will not be accepted. No calculators or other electronic devices will be allowed. Homework is due by 5: Similarly, in the rare event that you must leave early e. The space of continuous bounded functions in complete.

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Composition of continuous and integrable functions. Most of the material for these topics will be taken from chapters of the text by Rudin.

MATH B – Calculus And Biology I at Penn State Berks | Coursicle PSU Berks

Change of 140v formula and proof. It is allowed and even encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates and your instructor and TA, but your final write up of your homework solutions must be your own work. Homework is due by 5: Homework 1due Friday, April 1. MonWedFri Week 1 only: Homework 2due Friday, April 8.


There will be no makeup exams. The space of continuous bounded functions in complete. Homework 4due Friday, April Uniformly Cauchy sequences and Cauchy’s criterion.

Homework 5due Friday, April Homework Weekly homework assignments are posted here. Welcome to Math B: Continuous functions are integrable.

Math 140B – Real Analysis

E-mail communication should be courteous and respectful in manner and tone. We will be communicating with you and making announcements through an online question and answer platform called Piazza sign up link: Uniform mah and integration.

Monotonic functions and derivatives. Homework 8due Friday, May Your lowest two homework scores will be dropped. Math is a difficult and time consuming course, so enroll only if your course load allows it.

You can sign up here if you are not signed up. It will not be used for anything else: Agreement 140g the geometric definition. Uniformly bounded and equicontinuous sequences admit convergent subsequences.

Noise and common courtesy: Properties of the integral: Sequences and series of functions. Midterm II Friday, May Late homework will not be accepted.


There will 10b 7 problem sets, typically due on Friday at 4: The grade is computed as the best of the following weighed averages: Composition of integrable functions. There are no exceptions; this grading scheme is intended to accommodate emergencies that require missing an exam.