In Australia and Italy , the situation was reversed: We think taking on a month contract, when both mobile broadband and the netbook area are so volatile and fast changing, might seem like a bad idea six months down the line. The HD released in September is a slightly cheaper version of the series. On the other hand, it is still within reach for individuals who have a use for such a device as well as those who want one strictly for the “cool” factor , and is comparable to similar models from its competitors. Probably one of the most important advantages of the low power usage of the Atom and SSD mix is battery life.

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Eee PC Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA

Anyone who decided to ignore the and wait for the instead, will find they did the right thing. Mobile Computer Hardly a revelatory upgrade, but the Eee PC is still a sterling little laptop — though the bigger battery arguably makes the most difference to battery life than the Intel Atom processor.

During normal usage, we suspect it should be able to last almost a whole day on one charge. Product asuatek may differ from country to country.

Archived asushek the original on 13 August The Eee PC Surf models include the mAh battery pack and no webcam, while the asuwtek models have the mAh battery pack and a webcam installed. Comparison of netbooks Netbook manufacturers Comparison of netbook-oriented Linux distributions. The new Eee PC is an impressive update to the Eee PC line, but we have trouble getting excited about this mini notebook The problem is that the budget mini notebook market has exploded in recent months, with many capable alternatives on the market.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Experience Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing with New Eee PC™ 901

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Both the price and the size of the device are small in comparison with similar Ultra-Mobile PCs. The first Eee PC was a milestone in the personal computer business, [2] launching the netbook category of small, low-cost laptops in the West in Japan, subnotebooks had long been a staple in computing. Generally, however, Asus does inform reviewers that the final retail model may contain different features from those offered in the review model.

Gut Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Part of the above problem extends from the fact that the entire range was substantially more successful than Asus had originally anticipated. The inch Eee ought to be careful. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Review: Asus Eee PC

Even after being on and in use for over two hours, the bottom asustem the was barely warm to touch. Some models with serial numbers starting at 7B do not have a second mini PCIe slot soldered onto the motherboard, though the circuit traces and solder pads remain. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Full range of applications to enhance communication and computing experiences Eee Connect for an easy way to connect two or more users through a remote desktop feature for easy troubleshooting. Please check with your supplier for exact offers on selected models. With all power saving settings turned off, we played a.

Copyright The Channel Company, All rights reserved. Infusion surface with inlaid motifs provides a new level of resilience — providing scratch resistance and a beautiful style that will not fade with time.


Built-in Bluetooth for easy data transfers between devices. It also freed more screen real estate for other tasks, such as web browsing or office applications, by allowing the user to move some things, like the top empty grey window frame area otherwise wasted off-screen.

Easily functions in any connected environment with fast and complete connectivity WiFi PCB color and bundled software versions are asusek to change without notice.

Our evaluation unit was Ebony Black, which gave the unit a look of class but attracted fingerprints immediately. Easily functions in any connected environment with fast and complete connectivity WiFi Archived from the original on 19 March Trusted Reviews Brimming with features and with a new CPU and better battery, asustej Eee PC personifies exactly the spirit in which the original was created.

Consequently, even within Asus testing labs in Taipei, many variations were found within test models.

The Eee PC is still an impressive mini notebook or “netbook” for your travel needs, asstek we hesitate to recommend this particular notebook over the newer Eee PC H which features a larger keyboard, larger screen, and a larger capacity traditional hard drive.