Jul 29, 6. They’re both pretty good sounding in that application, though. Timbre Wolf , Jul 11, This position is particularly sensitive to microphonic tubes due the high gain of channel 2. There are better choices. This tube gives me the quintessential reverb tone I’d personally prefer:

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The Best Reverb Driver Tubes –

Most commonly, they show no brand and just say China. Technical articlesTube Reviews Permalink. For an amp with onboard reverb, the impact would depend on the circuit. You must be logged in to post a comment. There are better choices. Jul 28, 4. This is a much lower gain stage and won’t be as sensitive to a microphonic tube.

Some say it has little or no effect while others claim it’s critical to have a high fog 12AT7 in this slot.

Andrews Amp Lab Home Page. I must say that it was the most shrill and thin of the group.


Best tube for reverb (12at7) | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Why would you spend good money on an audiophile grade tube to do this? Opinions on how the phase inverter affects tone vary.

This is used as an oscillator for the tremolo circuit and has absolutely no effect on tone. It carries a higher price too.

PeterVVAug 12, A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. Aug 9, Maybe nobody really wanted them for a long time, but now that many of the better NOS tubes are gone, the “Mullard” name makes everyone excited. This is a perfectly safe substitution to make. And silverface is right about the reverb recovery – use a 12AX7 there.

Log in or Sign up. I would not worry about the type of 12AT7 driving the tank. For the two stage reverb.

My opinion, but those that disagree probably sell tubes. Do you already have an account? This position is particularly sensitive to microphonic tubes due the high gain of channel 2. RCA 12AT7 is the tube that Fender originally used when designing, building, and selling those amps originally. BobbyZAug 9, Your name or email address: The tubes at the other end of this list tended to have smaller plates.


All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by rveerb their time revedb effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Jul 10, 6.

Fender Amp Preamp Tube Layout and recommendations

However, the tone is not that impressive in Fender PI circuits. Jul 10, 2. At one time, current production 12AT7s were as squealy microphonic as can be.