I was wanting to buy a A3 Colour Scanner to scan my work for printing. Even if this is mostly stable software at the moment, there are known and maybe unknown bugs. However, all the cards I have seen worked out of the box without this trick. Mustek Scan Express A3 s flatbed scanner – makkelijk vanuit huis online bestellen – bij test. Product type, A3 flatbed scanner, desktop type.

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I haven’t yet a report if it really works with the teco2 backend. I have some reports that with newer Linux kernels Adaptec controllers don’t work well with the Mustek scanners.

You may need to change the IO port address, however. Try some scans to find the exact position. There is no way to distinguish them in software.

To use the full legal size the option “legal-size” must be used in mustek. Using buffer sizes of more than bytes with the aha driver can lead to kernel panic.

I don’t know yet why this happens. Some scanners do this line-distance correction internally, for some this must be done in the backend. Some ScanExpress scanners support the TA directly, that means that the internal lamp is turned off and the calibration xp of the TA is used. Most of the older files are also available, especially for testing and hunting bugs.


You may need to use isapnp if your card doesn’t have jumpers to set the io port address. However, I am interested in reports!

This will block the system until the scan is finished.

Mustek A3 scanner S –

For example the SP Plus doesn’t work with the Mustek backend. Turn off the device and remove all cables. Please use German or English language for your emails to me.

Open the lid on the back of nustek scanner 4 screws. Various performance and color stripes problems may be related to the SCSI driver and hardware.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP Flatbed Scanner

It is neccessary to enable “Quality calibration” for the first scan in any mode. Please send more reports.

Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list. This problem doesn’t accur with a “real” SCSI adapter. It’s an Avec VM As Mustek scanners don’t have end sensors your scanner may be damaged by this. The slider may bump at the end of the scan area! If debug messages are enabled a a will be printed.


If your scanner identifies itsself e. Uses the SQ11 chipset.

If you have any questions about this configuration contact him. I can save my digital images to tiff in the software programme. View muwtek Download Mustek A3 scanner user manual online.

If you think your scanner is not recognized because of another backend talking to it just disable all other backends. Uses sczi own parport-like card II EP: If you try untested scanners be prepared to pull the plug when the scanner makes loud noises.

Most of the color problems look like this: